Do you know what’s to be living without feeling anything?

Holy nymphomaniac! How nervous I am!

This is my first time playing with letters and I don’t have the slightest clue what to start by… I don’t know what to tell… I’ve heard somewhere that, when it comes to writing, the best thing is to let yourself go with the flow, like in sex… but I don’t dare to jump here. How silly I am… with all the sexual flying time that I have accumulated in-between my legs.

What a dilema!

…Oh well, look, if you don’t mind, I’ll begin with a little question. It’s the first thing that came to my mind, so here it goes…

Do you know, by any chance, what’s to be living without feeling anything?

No, I guess not. It’s even difficult to imagine, right…? And I’m not talking about the feeling of emotions. I’m talking about the feeling of senses, the feeling of caresses, kisses and the whole wide range of penetrations. I’m talking about savoring the salt of a sweaty body, smelling the scent of an orgasm or feeling the simple touch of a carpet under your feet…

I talk about what mind feels through the physical body, not about the follies that it might generate when trapped all alone amid a fantasy’s whirl or the sensorial projections that an oneiric avatar can create by its own or by sensual memory…

Oh, wow!

…I believe I’ve got a little embroiled here. I don’t understand what I’m saying myself.

Let’s start again…

Do you know what’s to be living without feeling anything?

I know, I’ve lived it. It’s the place where I come from and the reason why I am here: I want to truly feel again. Yes, I want to feel everything once again, to rediscover every single old experience as if it was the first, and I’ve chosen this earth, your earth, because it’s the most similar to mine that I’ve been able to find around.

What they were wrongly prophesizing in your world wide web that was going to happen past July 29th, became reality in the earth where I was born (remember the viral video on the polar flip?). Those know-all scientific geeks told that my world’s rotation axis overturned 90 degrees and everything was a disaster.

Things turned upside down. Hot zones became arctic, the earth crust shacked like the skin of a dog scratching fleas, volcanoes went completely nuts and average temperature entered a free fall. In the blink of an eye, huge chunks of earth sunk under the sea while others emerged from nowhere, and even when our mothers had such terrible time, that day the world didn’t end.

No… We recovered… For a while… It was another thing far more absurd and mind-blowing what it seems destroyed us at the end. But this is another story that’s off the point right now… We’ll talk about it another moment. In the future, perhaps. If I’m still here, willing to write, and you are yet interested.

And meanwhile, enjoy life to the max, guys. Make love as much as you can and fill every single minute up with pleasure and good sensations… You know, just in case the world ends tomorrow.

Believe me… It can happen… I’m telling you from experience. (Kiss)

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