The new gods of science are demonstrating to be the most crooked ones

These are the guys who run our lives? Why should we believe everything these people say? Since when having a university degree turns someone into God? Science says chit, science says chat, and everybody believes what they say with their eyes shut. Yes… it looks like science has become the new religion, the new and only God in this world. But it’s a corrupt God.

Every religion has the need of priests, the need of shepherds to control the flock of sheep, and since those shepherds are also humans, such a noble thing as science also comes with a dirty ass. It’s a fact of life. It’s been proved over & over again that, no matter how scientific they are, they poo and piss as well as the rest of us. They are not Gods. They don’t have the absolute right to the truth, what they speak is just another opinion (a theory upon what they say), and for what we can see at the present news, as much selfish and corrupt as the opinion of the next man or woman in the neighborhood.

It’s a pity… but that’s what it is.

When will people start thinking on their own?  When are we gonna start questioning dictates no matter how scientific they pretend to be? When are we gonna stop pouring our hearts & souls into the hands of false prophets?

The new gods of science are demonstrating to be the most crooked ones. And sadly enough, such a thing can be applied to every single field of our lives… What a huge surprise ecologists are gonna get, for example, when they discover that they’ve been misled too!

…The same surprise the ecologists got in my world.

Oops! I’m sorry… I believe I went too transcendental this time 😉



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