This morning, when I woke up, when dawn was barely breaking and nobody had turned the Phoenix’s oven on yet, I’ve decided to switch the air-conditioning off and open the door to the small terrace in my apartment.

The air was a little swamped inside. Outside, the day looked indecisive, like if it was frightened, scared of waking up, aware of the fact, perhaps, that very soon the desert sun was going to irradiate everything with its calcining light. Temperature was nice. I’ve taken a deep breath. A mixed smell of dry earth and clean ozone relaxed my senses. For an instant it seemed to me as if I was inside a laundry room. But that wasn’t the case. It was just the day that was awakening fresh and wearing new garments… like every single morning.

I filled a big mug up with coffee and I got connected. Chair’s cold leather felt better to my butt than the hot liquid to my lips, and while waiting for the computer to turn on, a gust of wind sneaked in through the glass opening… and stroke me…

Yes, that’s what it was… a very erotic stroke that took me by surprise.

The draft licked every single fiber of my skin, gently, prowling, like a green lover would do when risking to get a first contact. The sensation’s been so intense that my eyes closed and a sadden tickling climbed all the way up my vagina. I couldn’t prevent it from happening. All my skin electrified, my muscles tensed, my nonexistent body hair bristled and my nipples were a few seconds far from blasting off. It’s been a very powerful feeling. It wouldn’t have been more powerful if an ardent hurricane would have possessed my entire body.

It’s been very nice. A little thing traumatically delightful, overwhelming like an explosion. Yes, that’s it, that’s what it was… a real sensorial blast.

Until that very moment I didn’t notice how numb I was because of my long stay in that damned oneiric void. I wasn’t aware of how asleep my senses were because of my prolonged absence from a real world. I’ve been such a long time without feeling anything like this. A simple gust of wind, a sight from Mother Nature, just ignited all my flesh in a literal sense.

Half in ecstasy, I put the experience into words, saved them and went to take a shower. I got completely naked. My minimalist white panties slowly slid down to the floor attracted by gravity. It’s been very sensual. Excited like I was, my mind felt them lewdly licking every single curve on my silky legs. And when they finally landed on the bath mat, I was able to perceive that they were a kind of gleaming… like if small frisky slugs had such a super time partying around down there.



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