Rapes, a real plague.

Rapes are becoming a real plague. These last days an authentic burst happened in the news all around the world. A few old stories coming to surface and two brand new. Different cases, so diverse, so familiar, so brutal, so sadistic each one of them, but always with a unique ending… females are sexually abused by males, to death in some cases. It’s disgusting, it’s nauseating, don’t you think? That poor girl in Argentina was impaled to death after being raped in every possible way, and the poor girl in South Carolina was given to feed the crocodiles after being gang raped and shot… and what about the Brazilian case were the victim was raped by 33 maniacs?

This shit doesn’t get you mad???

Some will say that’s a question of hormones, that simple, that easy… that those “poor” guys are mentally ill,  that they just need a doctor and a chemical therapy to regain balance… and even some will say that those scumbags are in fact the victims of our society… But I don’t eat that shit. It’s something else, something worse, much worse… It’s evil. Yes, plain and pure evil.

…or maybe there is some weird virus around that turns men nuts… Who knows…? Like in a zombie’s movie… Girls, maybe we should start asking our politicians and scientists for a saving vaccine… you know, a simple shot to cure once and for ever all those sick men crawling around. It looks like they are legion. It’s scary…

…Though I’m afraid that’s gonna be a waste…, it looks to me like plenty of politicians are also infected somehow.

Let’s start the fight. No more silence. Rose McGowan is the role model!








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