First step against the rapists plague.

Finally something close to good news…

Something similar happened to a good friend of mine, in Utopia, when she was a girl… though her case was even worse. The monster was put in jail as well, to receive a healing therapy, but my friend managed to resolve it in a far more imaginative way… Something that soon you’ll have the chance to discover on your own.

…So yes, back to the beginning, a part from the sentence, my friend would have cut some little part out from that scumbag and give it to feed the dogs… chemically, of course… Poor dogs though… Oh, well, sorry about that, I think I went a bit too far here expressing her point of view. But those monsters get her really mad. Believe me. I know her very well. A father doing such terrible things to his daughter? No doubt… How come there is people like him in this world?

…Anyway, this could be a good beginning against the rapes’ plague we are suffering… putting those scum-rapists in a deep hole so they never see the sun again.

…Though my friend would say that putting them all together inside the same hole would be even a far better idea. She doesn’t believe there is a cure for them. Give them try their own medicine, she usually says.

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