Not alone on the prophets’ field :)

This man predicted eight days in advance the last New Zealand earthquake. He based his prediction on the super-moon… which in my humble opinion, doesn’t sound crazy at all. If the moon has an effect on the oceans, on the tides, why shouldn’t she has an effect on the earth? One way or the other, the conclusion is that he was completely right.

And what the mass media “almighty” big bulk of scientists who enlighten our stupid minds have to say about it? …Hummm, nothing… I guess they keep lost in their superior attitude of  “you shut up because you know nothing and I know all”. Big things are happening with the Earth, under our own feet, and they keep concentrated on the CO2… Oh, yeah, soon they will draw the joker’s card saying that CO2 is what creates all this seismic activity… of course.

We’d better open our eyes at once! Don’t you think?

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