A chain of #quakes

WOW! Another hit! I’m beginning to be really scared.

Last Wednesday, while talking about the Indonesia #earthquake, I said that the continental North American plate lack of activity could be the calm before the #bigone, remember? …and look what happened yesterday in #California; a 6.8 magnitude earthquake took place by the coast. It wasn’t the Big One, certainly, but the big thing here is that it wasn’t the only quake. #China also shook, a 6.4 one, and later the #Solomon Islands did the same with a massive 7.7 magnitude shock.

We are talking of four major earthquakes in just two days. I’m no expert, but it doesn’t sound like business as usual to me. I tell you, something is going on with the Earth. This is a full chain of quakes. Are we having hyperactivity in the Pacific ring of fire or what? I’m sorry, but I’m having this fatal “déjà vu”. I can’t avoid it. What happened in my world started like this… a huge increase of high magnitude tremors which, suddenly, were followed by a massive polar flip…

I don’t know… the pace of quakes is increasing around the globe and the whole situation is everyday more similar to what happened in my world.

It doesn’t smell good at all to me.

Magnitude-7.8 Earthquake Strikes Near the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific




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