Mental map in front of a solar #storm.

Did you read anything about this? …The government is preparing the ground for a possible massive #solarstorm… Confronting the meaning of such a piece of news, I tried to elaborate some sort of a mental map out of it.
Considering all my limitations, and based on what I read, I came out with three main options:

A.- A massive super well done solar storm…. If such thing happens, we’ll have a massive barbecue on the surface of this world of yours and probably no life will survive. About 7 point 5 millions of pure burnt to a crisp pieces of human meat will be left laying on this ball of mud ready to be served, (a rolled in latex chunk of meat in my case… I know, I know it’s not a funny matter, but I couldn’t skip it 😉

B.- A medium rare solar storm… which can create, if big enough, a huge magnetic pulse which will destroy or damage our technology and computer systems sending us back to the medieval ages (Can you imagine what would be to be living without a laptop or a cellphone? …What a nightmare! …Though, if medieval knights are fashionable again afterwards, it wouldn’t be so bad after all. Don’t you think, girls? …And Northern Lights will be spectacular around the world).

Or C.- A minor tartar solar storm… which might only increase a few digress the famous global warming a little more… (You know, boring, boring, boring… a little more on the same old song)

…I don’t know, if I have to take a pick, in order to avoid unnecessary suffering, I would probably choose the barbecue option. You know, if you do something, do it right… Though I wouldn’t mind meeting King Arthur and Queen Guinevere if they have to come back as secondary effect of option B 😉

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