An odd conversation

Yesterday, via twitter, I had a really odd conversation with my artist.

Here, I made this sort of transcription:


FERRAN.- Who are you?

AMY.- You know… I’m Amy.

FERRAN.- You mean Dreamy?

AMY.- Yes, Amy Honeyland. You know me well, Ferran

FERRAN.- No, you are not her? You are some smart ass who is stealing my character. Whenever I find who you are, I will sue you really hard.

AMY.– Relax, sweetheart. I’m not stealing anything. I’m the real thing.

FERRAN.-Don’t bullshit me, you moron! Dreamy is A fiction character. You can’t be her. It’s impossible

AMY.-What a pity. You are so wrong. I’m real…

FERRAN.- More bullshit!

AMY.- How can I convince you?

FERRAN.- You can’t. Dreamy is a product of my imagination and you’re just pretending to be her.

AMY.– I’m no product of your imagination. On the contrary… I know it will be tough for you to assume, but what you call imagination is nothing else than me whispering into your dreams

FERRAN.- Yeah right! Blah, blah, bullshit, blah, blah, bullshit… Do you think I’m out of my mind?

AMY.- No, you are a little upset right now…

FERRAN.- Oh yeah! Much more than that!

AMY.- How can I show you?

FERRAN.- You can’t.

AMY.- …Do you remember the last time you did “dirty” things while thinking of me by night, all alone, in your bed?

FERRAN.- Son of a gun! Don’t play games with me!

AMY,- I’m not playing. I’m just trying to convince you that I‘m real… Do you want me to go public on what you did to me that night?

FERRAN.- Hell!

AMY,- Yes, that’s right. I’d prefer not to walk that path. I remember it was pretty… kinky… It can be pretty uncomfortable for you if I explain it here…

FERRAN.- I don’t know what you are talking about.

AMY.– Oh yes, you know. It was very vivid for you… my little horny devil 😉

FERRAN.-Son of a gun! How do you know that?

AMY.- How many times do I have to tell you? I’m real and I visit your dreams to upload your mind with my experiences…

FERRAN.- Come on!

AMY.– Where do you think your crazy Oniria ideas come from…?

AMY.- Believe me… I’m the one that’s loading your mind.

AMY.- Ferran? …Are you still there?

FERRAN.– What you’re saying is impossible. Do you really think I’m crazy?

AMY.- No, though I thought you were a more open minded guy… at least a little.

FERRAN.- This is crazy… I don’t know why the hell I’m even thinking of doing it… look… let’s do one thing, Amy… or whoever you are… Don’t visit me in dreams from now on and let’s see if I can keep coming up with Oniria ideas on my own…

AMY.– Oh… I see where you go…

FERRAN.- Are you OK with that?

AMY.- Yes, it’s OK with me… But are you sure you wanna play this card?

FERRAN.- Yes, I do. Absolutely. It’s the only way to prove that you are a sham.

AMY.- …you’ll suffer an absolute lack of inspiration…

FERRAN.- This is to be seen yet!

FERRAN.- Come on… Are you OK with that?! Are you vacillating? …confused to see that your lie is coming to an end, right?

AMY.– OK, as you wish… let’s do it… no problem on my side.

FERRAN.– Good!

AMY.- …Write me back when you feel lost and need to go back to normal.

FERRAN.- This won’t happen!

AMY.– Right… Bye, sweetheart! …I’ll miss toying around with your dreams.


I also made this collage out of a few screen shots in case you wanna take a look:


wp-1481891128420.png 13tw 12tw 11tw

10tw 9tw 8tw 7tw

6tw 5tw 4tw 3tw

2tw 1tw

What do you think about this?

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