A nightmare was served

What a pigheaded & stubborn artist I chose! Far from being over, yesterday he charged again with all his insecurities. Though I understand him somehow. My case is very difficult to accept, this is why I kept him in the “twilight zone”, but I hope this time I just resolved this uncomfortable situation once and for all.

Here I include the chat we had: transcript and collage, as usual. You’ll understand what I mean.


FERRAN.- Hey… Are you there?


FERRAN.- Come on! Are you there???


AMY.- Oh, hi, Ferran! This was fast! Are you convinced now?

FERRAN.- Well… as you mentioned the other day, I stopped having ideas on Oniria. During the whole weekend. Since then I didn’t have a single one, and this really is unusual…

AMY.- See?! I told you.

FERRAN.– wow, wow, wow, stop! Don’t uncork the champagne yet. This can perfectly be some psychosomatic jam. You know, since you told me about it, my subconscious is playing dirty tricks on me.

AMY.- I see… Do you always make everything so complicated, sweetheart?

FERRAN.– Come on, don’t give me that! It’s a real possibility.

AMY.- Complicated & stubborn, what a combination for an artist! Wouldn’t be easier to accept it at once? It’s the plain truth after all.

FERRAN.- I need a final and definitive proof.

AMY.- OK. Whatever you need. What do you have in mind?

FERRAN.- A photo. Send me a real photo.

AMY.- You too?

FERRAN.–  What do you mean?

AMY.- You are not the first one asking me for a real pic.

FERRAN.- I don’t care if I’m the first or the last one…. I didn’t think of it the other day and it certainly will be the final piece of evidence.

AMY.– I don’t feel comfortable mailing photos around.

FERRAN.- Why it doesn’t surprise me?


FERRAN.– Still there?

AMY.– Yes.

FERRAN.- And? …You are vacillating again. … Look, if you don’t mail it, this is over.

AMY.– You really think you have the upper hand, right?

FERRAN.- Haven’t I?

AMY.– I can find another artist, you know?

FERRAN.- Would you really do that? That would be a quite troubled path for both of us.

AMY.– OK. No need to go that far.  I’ll send you a pic right now. Privately, though. For your eyes only, and just because you are my artist and I need you to keep drawing. We’ve lost too much time already. We have to keep moving…

FERRAN.– OK. I’m eager to see it.

AMY.- I never imagined you were such a pigheaded & closed-minded guy, honey!

FERRAN.- Come on! Don’t play the offended with me. You’ll get nothing. This whole situation is too crazy. I still think you are a cheater. I just need the final proof.

AMY.- OK, I understand, you’ll have it.

FERRAN.– Great!

AMY.– Super Big Kiss… though you don’ deserve it today. You’ll have a terrible nightmare tonight …I hope you enjoy it.


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