​#SuperVolcano under #Naples close to eruption point.

And if it wasn’t enough with the cadence of big #earthquakes we are having lately, here it goes, a more intriguing piece of news that I found around… 

Inside the earth the activity is growing. A few Scientists say that the super-volcano under Naples has been growing its pressure until reaching a critical point: which is the previous step to a big eruption. And if such a thing happens it’s going to be a heck of a party. It looks like, right now, the ground on the Naples’ volcano is deforming. The same it did on the volcanoes in New Guinea and Galapagos, not too long ago, previously to their eruptions. And scientists are concerned because that guy isn’t a nobody… This volcano is responsible for devastating the European continent twice in history. The last time 200 thousand years ago.

So, be aware, my European friends, the earth might be paving the way to some terrible fireworks. We were all keeping an eye on the #Yellowstone super-volcano when the real danger may be under the over-crowded Europe.

I’ve been telling you for a long while… the earth might be keeping a few awful surprises for us.


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