I’m happy now

Yesterday I had a new twitter-chat with my artist. I’m happy now. The river’s back to its bed. Everything is finally back to normal. 

Here you have the transcription:

AMY.- Hey, Ferran! It’s been a while…


AMY.- Did you receive my pictures?

FERRAN.- Yes I did… and something else… 

AMY.- Something else? I don’t get it…

FERRAN.- The last time we chatted, you promised me a nightmare, remember? …that night I woke up all the sudden covered in sweat and screaming like a brat. What you did to me?

AMY.- Oops, that! It’s true! …And you don’t recall even a bit about the nightmare?

FERRAN.- No. I don’t use to remember my dreams when I wake up.

AMY.- That’s funny… you are not aware of your dreams but when you are awake you have all those ideas and images populating your mind, right?

FERRAN.- Yes, that’s the way it is.

AMY.- Hummm… how odd. You certainly are a case to study… but not now… Let me go right to the point, Ferran …Are you finally convinced? Did the pictures work for you?

FERRAN.- Yes… Absolutely. But I’m afraid you already know that.

AMY.- Why do you say so…?

FERRAN.- Well… by just receiving your pics, ideas on Oniria started flowing back into my mind. So, I guess you were aware somehow. 

AMY.- Yes, it’s true… You are smart. 

FERRAN.-  No. You are completely wrong. I’m an idiot… for thinking all this time that you were a creation of mine and not the contrary. 

AMY.- Don’t be so tough with yourself, Ferran. This is not an easy situation. 

FERRAN.- You are completely right… This is no easy one. It’s really tough for me to accept that my imagination is not mine, that it doesn’t belong to me anymore, that never belonged to me. That my ideas are being dictated to me by some other person… Because you are a person, right?

AMY.- Of course I am a person! Don’t be silly. 

FERRAN.- Silly or not, it’s really difficult for me as an artist to assume that I don’t create anything. That I’m a simple transmitter; two hands that draw the ideas and visuals you leave in my mind.

AMY.- But this doesn’t mean that you aren’t a talented artist. Not even trying for one hundred years, I would be able to do what you do on paper. 

FERRAN.- Well… thanks, but this doesn’t erase this feeling I have of being some piece of dirty rag… I feel a little used on this side, you know? 

AMY.- I understand, but don’t take it like this, boy… If you wouldn’t have known that I exist, nothing would have changed for you. Consider it from this point of view.

FERRAN.- That’s impossible. I can’t. Now I know that you are real. 

AMY.- I see… look… the same way I give you ideas, I can make you forget about me. It’s simple. I can do it tonight while you sleep if you wish… You are gonna keep drawing my Oniria stuff without knowing about me. Like at the very beginning… It’s not gonna hurt you at all…
AMY.- Ferran…? Still there? 

FERRAN.- No… You are wrong again… It will hurt me, somehow, now that I know that you are real. I know that.  …Being conscious of your existence is a far more powerful idea than considering myself your creator, I guess… 

AMY.- WOW! Not everybody would be ready to accept such a thing. You are really open-minded, Ferran… and very brave.

FERRAN.- Oh, come on. No bravery here whatsoever.

AMY.- Oh, yes, there is… Most people will think that you are crazy just by accepting all this situation, just by openly saying what you are saying right now.

FERRAN.- I don’t care much on what most people think of me.

AMY.- I know that.

FERRAN.- …Do you know? It’s difficult to accept… but, instead of feeling bad, I’m feeling very lucky…

AMY.- Why do you say so?

FERRAN.- Because you chose me.

AMY.- What?

FERRAN.- Why did you choose me to illustrate your story when there are millions of artists out there much better than me? 

AMY.- Why are you always so tough with yourself, boy?

FERRAN.- I asked first.

AMY.- OK… you are right… The answer is a little too weird… You wouldn’t get it.

FERRAN.- Weirder than you being the origin of my inspiration?

AMY.- Damn! You’re right again! …OK, here it goes… I chose you because of your star.

FERRAN.- What star?

AMY.- I told you…

FERRAN.- What star?

AMY.- It’s true, you are stubborn. I forgot about it…. let’s see… how to explain it… There is this place in Oniria, where when people dream, their minds shine like stars amid the colorful void. Every single star is unique and shines in its own peculiar way… Yours was very warm and intense and I felt it very close to me… That’s why. I chose your star previous to knowing you. 

FERRAN.- Well… that makes a lot of sense. My star cheated you… I didn’t understand very well why someone like you chose a guy like me.

AMY.- Here you go again! You can’t stop kicking your butt for a moment, right? I didn’t’ pick the star of a loser.

FERRAN.- Oh, well… whatever you say.

AMY.- You always get on my nerves with this negative attitude of yours. What’s wrong with you?

FERRAN.- Whatever… thanks, though, for having me in such good consideration.

AMY.- Yes, whatever! Let’s leave it here now… or I’ll start kicking your butt too.

FERRAN.- Amy? 

FERRAN.- Are you there? 

FERRAN.- Amy….?
AMY.-  Ferran? Still there?

FERRAN.- Yes… Hey! …I wanted to ask you something else and you left me on some sort of a hold…

AMY.- I know… Did you change your attitude, boy?

FERRAN.- Yes… well, I don’t know… I’ll try my best…

AMY.- Good. I’m glad… What did you wanna ask me, sweetheart?

FERRAN.- It’s nothing important. It’s just a trifle… 

AMY.-  I love trifles.

FERRAN.- OK… In the pictures you sent me, your hair is straighter that I imagined it… less curly, we can say…

AMY.- Well, yes, after Xmas I cut it down a little & straightened it. My Onirian curly mane is pretty uncomfortable here. You know, too long to handle… and besides, I was also craving for a change of look.

FERRAN.- All right, I understand… So, should I draw you with this straighter hair from now on?

AMY.- Not necessarily…  You should draw me as you wish. Whatever way you see me in your mind. Follow your imagination. You are the artist after all.

FERRAN.- You mean my muse? … should I follow my muse?

AMY.- Well, yes… It’s a nice way to put it. But every artist needs a muse, right? 🙂

FERRAN.- Maybe. Who knows… that’s a “theory” that’s been going around the world for a long time.

AMY.- You don’t believe it’s true?

FERRAN.- Well, I do believe it now… somehow… though my role changed dramatically with this new formula. 

AMY.- What do you mean?

FERRAN.- That the simple fact of meeting you has been a real lesson in humility, I guess.

AMY.- Brave, I told you… You are a such sweetheart.

FERRAN.- I don’t know… I don’t know much right now. You just shook my world to its very basement.

AMY.- It’s very usual in me… 🙂  …Look, I’m very glad you finally assumed it. You don’t know how happy I am.  Look at it this way… You made me veeeeery happy. You are my white armor errant knight from now on.

FERRAN.- Yeah, right! …You are too nice… too nice and too real.

AMY.- Is that an irony? The real part…

FERRAN.- I’m afraid so… 

AMY.- Ha, ha, ha… I love when you make fun of your fatalistic vein.

FERRAN.- Thanks… I love making you laugh. I just discovered it…

AMY.- Bye, sweetheart… See you tonight.

FERRAN.- I can’t wait to fall asleep.

AMY.- Ha, ha, ha… How cute! Here you have a Super Big Kiss in advance 😉


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