Mysterious river of molten iron discovered inside the #earth.

They found it deep below our own feet and we didn’t know about it until now. Isn’t that amazing?!!! A new prove that we don’t know much about our own planet… News like this one make me think about all that people so sure of knowing what’s going on with this ball of mud.

“…the cylinder of fluid within the core that is aligned with the rotation axis and tangent to the solid inner core”, scientists say. So, if this river flows in-between solid earth, tangent to the solid inner earth…  What can we find in the core of the globe? Wasn’t it supposed to be a fused magma until now? At least this is what I was taught at school…

And the most amazing thing is that the speed of the river has been growing since the year 2000. Any relation with the big earthquakes’ increase last year? Oh, no, of course, We don’t have to worry… No CO2 involved here… yet 😉

Read, read the news below. You’ll find what scientist say about the Earth, that a few surprises might very well be awaiting us … I guess I’m not that crazy after all 🙂

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