Launching campaign with a big #shake.

Last January 22snd, the same day we launched our “Oniria: Genesis” campaign, something happened in Papua New Guinee. With all the rush, I forgot to talk about it. I forgot to talk about the last massive #earthquake. Well, forget is not the right word, because I didn’t forget about it. Not at all. You know my obsession about these things. So, here goes a little note about it… It took place at the #Bougainville island, on the border with the Solomon Islands, and it was no insignificant one: it was a 7.9 magnitude quake. A Tsunami alert was triggered but, luckily, no injuries nor massive damages happened… So, as you can see, the “ring of fire” still rocks (I just hope that this last tremor wasn’t caused by our launch’s propulsion 😉

Oops, it’s true…! Going back to the last earthquakes chain in #Italy, I have something to add here. I read somewhere that scientists are very surprised for what happened there. Four earthquakes of the same intensity in that short period of time is not business as usual, I guess. Not even for them. Do they start to realize?

Better late than never, don’t you think?



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