ONIRIA: GENESIS, The Ultimate Deluxe Comic Book.

The reason for this campaign is the story on the inception of a four books trilogy; Oniria: Genesis, Oniria: Revelations & Oniria: Apocalypses. Yes, a trilogy in four books is not very usual, but I have to recognize that the Apocalypses issue was too long as to fit in one single regular volume.

This creation journey started in a collection of short stories that Ferran Xalabarder illustrated & wrote based on my oneiric adventures. Some of those stories were published a while back at the Heavy Metal Magazine, but he became fond of the two girls, the two main characters (speaking bluntly, he got fond of me, overall, though he will never recognize it in public… 😉 Since then, a weird bond was created in-between us, and my experiences kept flowing out of control into his mind until reaching the size of this mini-saga. The idea with this crowd-founding campaign is to put all the stories together, in chronological order, corrected, amplified, remastered and give them the final paper treatment that every comic saga requires and all the fantasy reader-fans deserve as to be able to enjoy it to the max. The final objective is to make a minimum of one thousand copies print.

Well, at least that’s what Ferran told me to say here…. To be honest, the real reason behind it, I’m afraid, is the fact that he needs to take this crazy world out of his mind in order to be able to rest and properly sleep by night. Not everybody is prepared to bear such an insane realm in mind, and much less for so long. So, deep at the bottom, this whole project is nothing else than a healthcare mission, a mental balance issue. So, you don’t know how thankful I would be if you can help me keep Ferran’s sanity in good shape…. at least a little 😉 I know he will kick my butt just for saying what I said, but I think you deserve to know.

So I would really appreciate if you help us give him the chance to finish it and take this saga out of his mind once and for ever. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to forget about it until the whole saga is finally published.

The idea is to publish one volume in English every 9 months or so, to give Ferran the time to finish the two books left on the Apocalypses. Pitifully he cannot dedicate all his time to the saga. The two first 72 pages’ books are fully completed and ready to print already, and the first volume for the Apocalypses is almost half cooked… (the final pace, though, will depend on the work timing).

Whatever is the final result, I just wanna thank you in advance for the time you are taking reading this presentation and for your kind potential support.

If you can’t support the campaign right now, we understand it. No problem at all. We will be very thankful, though, if you can help us sharing it around your social media. I believe you can use Indiegogo automatic tools to do so.

As an ending for this chapter, I just wanna add that the main bulk of the money gathered will be dedicated to wage all the expenses on the making of the book and  the rest of perks and paying all the people that, from the shadows, has been collaborating to make this project a reality. This is something that I firmly think that you also deserve to know 🙂


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