The #pacific #ringoffire still rocks.

Leaving my campaign aside for a moment ( ;), it seems like the world keeps spinning, as usual, and shaking the same for what I see. No matter if I don’t pay attention 😉 The Pacific ring of fire keeps hot, hot, hot… massive #earthquakes keep rocking the globe. Past February 10th they suffered a big shake in the #Philippines. It was a 6.4 magnitude and a there were a handful of victims. I feel so sorry for them…


And a few days later, today, Feb 15th by the morning, a new one shocked the region of Aceh, in Indonesia. Well, but this time was not just one. There were two earthquakes of similar intensity, 5.5 & 5.1, rocking Indonesia almost at the same time; in a six minutes’ difference pace. The “ghost” of Italy, I would call it!!! Remember the last earthquake in Italy? …It looks like the Earth is adopting this new and unusual system of chaining big earthquakes of similar intensity one after the other, in short periods of time. And, upon what seismologists whisper about it, this is no business as usual, guys.


I have the dreadful feeling that earthquakes won’t stop here this year. It looks like that region doesn’t want to disappear from the news… Is the Pacific Ring of Fire keeping a few surprises for us???


Let’s just hope not.


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