Earthquake in the Lesbos Island.

I just came back from a long trip to “Oniria” and here we go again: Yesterday, Monday June 12, a 6,3 magnitude earthquake struck the Aegean Sea and a Greek village in the Lesbos island was almost flattened. I feel so sorry for the poor people living there. I still don’t know the number of casualties…

No surprise considering the pace of shakes taking place last year, but taking in consideration what I’ve been reading this last days in the net, that the earthquakes activity has been pretty quiet these last months, it looks like that the activity started again just when I came back… A coincidence? …I hope so…

Holly nymphomaniac! …I hope I’m not some sort of interdimensional catalyzer. I wouldn’t like to discover that my presence in your world is what increases the earthquakes activity here… It would be really odd…but I’d feel really bad…

…and it would be an unquestionable proof that I don’t belong here.

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