Pay a «tax» to hit your wife in Russia? …? Did any wide world demonstration against it happened?

Look what I recently found in the net! I know it’s pretty old news but…, did you ever read about this? I didn’t… I wasn’t here when it happened…

I’m astonished myself… Past January 19th, in Russia, the government approved a law where, in short, husbands will be able to hit the hell out their wives once per year. They will just have to pay a small fine of 500 bucks or so, you know, like some sort of a surreal little tax; there will be no jail sentence …Yes, It’s true… Isn’t that nuts? This is one huge step backwards for sure, girls. Are we being pushed back to the caverns or what? A real new prove of men involution for sure… but what shocks me the most, is that this law was defended by a woman at the parliament…

…and by the way, where are the world-wide manifestations against Putin’s chauvinist law, girls? Was there any international one taking place? For what I see, such protests only happened in Russia, at a very small scale… I don’t know… I start to have the feeling that all those massive indignation demonstrations & protests that every once in a while rock the world tend to be pretty monodirectional here…

…I guess that I’m such a rookie in this world of yours yet.


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