Vulcano Popocatépetl is joining the party too!

Did you see Popocatepetl mega explosion??? It happened las October 5th at 2;25 in the morning. As I said in a previous post, “Volcanoes are joining the party” now. Too bad it took place in México again. It never rains but it pours on the poor people of México. I’m so sorry for them…

You can take a look at the spectacular explosion here:

Volcanoes are joining the “party”!!!

I don’t wanna alarm anyone, it isn’t my intention, believe me, but YES, it looks like my Blog is turning into a diary of Earth’s internal affairs. These last days, reports on Earth’s seismic activity are piling up in the news.

Since there wasn’t enough with the earth shaking everywhere at an everyday more raging pace, it looks like Volcanoes are now joining the party. Yesterday, 50 thousand people were forced to evacuate by the authorities in Bali because Mount Agung is becoming more active and could erupt at any given moment…

As I said so many times before, I hope that nothing worse comes out from this recent seismic rush. But what’s going on with the earth looks to me like a real crescendo looking for a final climax.

…Once again, I just hope to be wrong.

¡Los volcanes se unen a la «fiesta»!

No quiero alarmar a nadie, no es mi intención, creedme, pero SÍ, parece que mi blog se está convirtiendo en un diario de los asuntos internos de la Tierra. Estos últimos días, los informes sobre la actividad sísmica de la Tierra se están acumulando en las noticias.

Ya que no había suficiente con la tierra temblando por todas partes a un ritmo cada vez más furioso, parece que los volcanes ahora se unen a la fiesta. Ayer, 50 mil personas fueron obligadas a evacuar por las autoridades de Bali porque el Monte Agung se está volviendo más activo y podría estallar en cualquier momento.

Como he dicho tantas veces antes, espero que nada peor salga de este reciente ajetreo sísmico. Pero lo que está pasando con la tierra me parece un verdadero crescendo en busca de un clímax final.

…Una vez más, solo espero estar equivocada.


The never-ending #earthquake nightmare in #Mexico.

24 mexico eartquake.-2

Four days later, past 23rd, a new big earthquake stroke Mexico. This was a 6.4 magnitude and it took place South of the country again, in Oaxaca. Short after that, 5 more replicas occurred as well; all of them around 5.0 magnitude. Luckily, only two victims were reported this time… but the previous one, the one around the capital area on the 19th, the death toll is reaching 400 so far, and there is plenty of people missing yet. 

I’m so sorry for the poor people in Mexico. This is reaching the category of nightmare… a never ending shaking nightmare. There is no rest for them. My heart & soul is with them all.

La inacabable pesadilla de los #terremotos en #México.

Cuatro días después, el pasado 23, un nuevo gran terremoto golpeó México. Este fue de magnitud 6,4 y tuvo lugar al sur del país otra vez, en Oaxaca. Poco después de eso, 5 réplicas más ocurrieron también; todos ellas de magnitud 5.0 más o menos. Afortunadamente, sólo se ha tenido noticia de dos víctimas mortales esta vez… pero del anterior, el que tuvo lugar alrededor de la capital el día 19, el número de muertos está llegando ya a 400 hasta ahora, y todavía hay muchas personas desaparecidas.

Lo siento mucho por la pobre gente de México. Esto está llegando a la categoría de pesadilla… una pesadilla de sacudidas sin fin que. No hay descanso para ellos. Mi corazón y alma está con todos ellos.

And now Japan also shakes!! The Ring of Fire’s steaming!!!

And if the chain of earthquakes in Mexico wasn’t enough, last night there was a massive earthquake, 6.1 magnitude, by the coast of Japan. It struck around 180 miles away from Fukushima… remember that place??? A similar earthquake killed more than 15 thousand people back in 2011. This time, no victims or damages have been reported this far…

It really looks like the Pacific Ring of Fire is reaching some sort of a boiling point. What will be next…???

I don’t wanna be repetitive, you already know what I think…

¡Y ahora Japón también se mueve! ¡El Anillo de Fuego echa chispas!

Y si la cadena de terremotos en México no fuera suficiente, anoche hubo un terremoto de magnitud 6,1 en la costa de Japón. Golpeó a unas 180 millas de distancia de Fukushima… ¿recordáis ese lugar? Un terremoto similar mató a más de 15 mil personas en 2011. Esta vez, no se conocen víctimas ni daños hasta el momento…

Parece realmente que el Anillo de Fuego del Pacífico está llegando a algún tipo de punto de ebullición. ¿Qué será lo siguiente?

No quiero ser repetitiva, ya sabéis lo que pienso.

10 days later, new massive #earthquake in #Mexico. Is the Big One next?

10 days later and they had a new huge earthquake in Mexico. This time in Puebla, eighty miles close to the capital, Mexico DF. It was 7.4 magnitude and made several buildings to collapse. I think the death toll is going to be a lot higher than in the previous one… 248 dead people so far… Did you see the images??? Holy crap! What a horror! It was so impressive to see how everything was moving. It must be so horrifying to experience it… I’m so sorry for the victims. My heart is with them all.

And what a creepy thing! This one took place the same day that 32 years early, in 1985, took place the terrible one that killed thousands. What a hellish coincidence, right??!

But did you notice one thing??? Do you see what’s going on here??? It looks like there is some sort of a patron. Look… first took place the 8.4 seism in Chiapas, South of the country, it was 10 days ago. Yesterday, September 19th, it happened in the Puebla and DF area of the country, around 450 miles North… It’s pretty evident that earthquakes are moving North… And my question is, and it’s not new, should be waiting for the Big One to hit California soon??? I’m afraid so… In 10 days or so, maybe, if following the patron.

This line of mine is going to be a classic soon, but I have to say it, even when facts at the end keep giving me the reason… I just hope to be wrong.