…And #Italy shakes again

Here we go…, Italy shook again. And they didn’t suffer one lonely #earthquake, no, this time they suffered four, in four hours, one after the other and of similar intensity. And they keep saying that this is business as usual? Who remembers when Italy wasn’t every few months in the news because of earthquakes? They used to suffer one every once in a loooong while, and we’re talking about years. Nothing to do with the nowadays cadence. Make the numbers yourself. I’m not making up anything here…

Luckily, the victims reported this time were scarce, though combining earthquakes with the storm of snow they are suffering, it must be a real hell for the poor people in that region. Some villages completely destroyed by the previous earthquakes are going to be flattened to ground level.

We can say that 2017 doesn’t start very well… when it comes to earthquakes.


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